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web3 fans can design their own nike shoes with .SWOOSH

.SWOOSH by Nike

Nike launched .SWOOSH, a metaverse and a Web3 community where creatives can design their own sneakers, but there’s a catch: they’ll co-produce the design for the shoe company and potentially own some of the virtual products sold. While not a concern for others, some might consider it a dealbreaker.

Nike’s .SWOOSH has entered its beta stage, so the full fine print has yet to be worked out, but the shoe company has already promised users that the digital community ‘provide an inclusive and equitable venue for athletes, creators, collectors and consumers to design and own the future of sport.

images courtesy of .SWOOSH by Nike

Nike’s house of virtual creations uses blockchain, or web3, technology to power its system. Nike’s virtual creations include sneakers, apparel, accessories and other collectibles that users can wear in games or experiment with other immersive experiences. Fans who join will also be able to benefit from select virtual Nike creations through access to physical merchandise and exclusive events that Nike will be hosting.

Nike sees its new company as bringing new opportunities to innovate, inspire and push boundaries. “Sport and culture evolve, so we want to build a future that is creative, inclusive and brimming with unlimited possibilities for all,” the shoe company repeats in its news.

nike swoosh web3
creatives will have the chance to co-produce their design for Nike

nike diversity, equity and inclusion

Whereas .SWOOSH by Nike is still in beta mode, registration to join the digital community will open later this month. Nike writes that for the rest of the year, it will grow the platform and continue to invite creatives to sign up. The shoe company seems to be repeating that it wants its community to be “as diverse and fair as possible”, but examples of how his team will go about it seem to be lacking.

“That means prioritizing the local communities that Nike supports through its diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, starting with the United States and select countries in Europe, and building skills with them to that they are ready to participate, Nike writeswithout yet indicating how these will unfold.

nike swoosh web3
Nike’s virtual creations use blockchain technology

.SWOOSH by Nike recognizes the many ways fans across the metaverse want to express their creativity in the games and social platforms they find themselves on, and the footwear company wants to be there with them, literally and digitally, co-creating products with them.

“This approach meets consumers wherever they play and buys sports and provides a gateway to a new digital arena,” said Ron Faris, Managing Director of Nike Virtual Studios. “We are shaping a market place of the future with an accessible platform for those curious about Web3. In this new space, the .SWOOSH community and Nike can create, share and benefit together.’