Nike shoes

Man gets a tattoo of his favorite Nike shoes because he was ‘tired of paying for shoes’

In a show of love for his favorite shoes, a man in the UK got a pair of Nike shoes tattooed on his feet.

The elaborate tattoos that mimicked the design of Nike shoes were done by famed tattoo artist Dean Gunther.

Gunther shared a time-lapse video on Instagram showing the process of making the tattoos. “He was tired of paying for shoes every few months so he got his favorite @nike shoes tattooed for life,” he wrote.

Soon, Gunther’s post went viral on social media. Many people liked the unique design of the tattoo, but some felt uncomfortable. Commenting on the Instagram post, one user wrote, “I wouldn’t walk a mile in his shoes.”
Another Instagram user remarked, “Your tattoos are awesome but they’re cursed 😂”.

Speaking to, Gunther said he wanted to create a tattoo that gives the illusion of his client wearing shoes. It took Gunther over eight hours to finish the tattoos.

Explaining the process of making the tattoos, Gunther said, “Drawing the tattoo on my free hand was the hardest part. I had to make everything flow with the contours of the body. A stencil wouldn’t work in this case, so it’s all freehand. Once done, the tattoo was simple.”

The tattoo artist added: “He was tired of paying for shoes so he decided to get his favorite pair of Nikes tattooed and he can see the fun side of it! Definitely a great conversation starter. His wife loves it too .