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Adidas sells fake Nike shoes, Nokia marketing manager shocked

In a post shared by Nokia Marketing Manager Rachna Lather, who shockingly stated, @adidas has now resorted to selling duplicate #Nike shoes to survive in a super competitive Indian market across

@amazonIN And to top it off, #AmazonIndia treated this #Adidas loyalist as the perpetrator of this hack and fraud and not the seller.

Recently, several such news broke where some users received dishwashing bars and some received iPhone 14 instead of iPhone 13. However, this time it is the marketing manager of the Indian division of Nokia which showed its dissatisfaction with Amazon and Adidas for sending its shoes to a rival brand which is Nike.

In the shared post, we can see the company that shipped the product to him. The company name is Cocublu Retail Limited and is located at Gurugram India. Rachna also shared a photo of the shoes she received from Amazon.

However, Flipkart recently added this feature where the user can open the package and check if all the elements are clear. According to Flipkart’s new policy, a customer is not required to pay until they check out the product. However, this is only valid for cash on delivery products.

So according to the post shared by Rachna, this is not such a good sale from Amazon.